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MP Solutions Ltd. is acting like an HR Consulting and RPO Agency, with a respected track record rolling over two decades. Our particular focus is on the Hungarian Market.

Over the past few years, we have secured numerous projects in both the U.S. and Europe, achieving an outstanding success rate in their execution.

Both our founders and the Management Team have unique experiences in the various international and domestic recruitment projects and have faced with multiple technology and non-technology ramp-ups. Our Team is outmost customer focused and characterized by complexity, a project management approach and a solution driven mindset. Our efficiency is a result of our working methodologies, felxibility and extensive local and international network.

Our flagship and largest division is the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) department, which is dedicated to delivery a diverse range of high-quality professional services tailored to meet your specific needs whether you need complex or direct driven solutions.​

Among our partners there are large international and medium sized companies as well.

Registration number (human resources): 52427-5/2004-0100-330

Years experience

We are judged by how we act and how we live up to our core values. The most meaningful way to demonstrate these skills is to passionately communicate your shared vision and practice what your company stands for. Great leaders align their own values and vision with those of their business and help operationalize them for the future. 

Our aim is mutual and long-term satisfaction, which is why we passionately strive for perfection.

A personal touch is always given when collaborating with you: we are open to your unique business needs and  believe in the effectiveness of flexible problemsolving and one-on-one cooperation.

Impact. Influence. Inspiration.

Our service exceeds even the most rigorous standards, we are here with only one purpose in mind: to give you the best!

Our founders


Balázs Majer

Managing Director


Dávid Pelle

Managing Director

Get talent. Get hired. Get solutions.

Best practices, helpful advisory, online and offline solutions, personalized and company-specific options. We find the best solution with our unique innovative tools!

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