Executive search

The most effective tools of executive search and selection are direct search and targeted search. When searching for middle and top managers, we apply a premium category recruiting and selection methodology based on the headhunting toolkit.

The first step is to map our client’s values, corporate culture, goals, mission, organizational structure, and the features of the relevant area, the leader’s tasks and responsibilities. We define the requirements and the framework of our cooperation with the client. Then we start market and competitor surveys and carry out an extensive direct search at the defined target group. We analyze the competitors’ organization, levels of sub- and coordination, and the tasks, responsibilities, authorities and empowerment allocated to certain levels and positions are mapped.

As the result of the organization and position analysis, a highly confidential status report and a list of best match candidates are made specifically for our client, containing useful information. With this method, we cover the market and the scope of potential candidates so extensively that no other search tool is necessary. But, if requested by our partner, we naturally complement the above mentioned methods with classic search tools (recommendations, networking, internal and external database-search, advertising, etc).  In and after the contacting phase of the search, we send regularly updated status reports at intervals requested by the client.

We create an evaluation sheet and a detailed report about the leaders who participated in the in-depth interviews, are interested and recommended, in a short-list format to support our client’s decision. During the subsequent interviews and selection conducted by the client, we maintain close contact with both parties, help and support the process of the selection, the offer, and the signing of the contract. Upon request of the client, we supplement our service with coaching services, remaining in a consultation relationship with both the new leader inducted in the organization and the client after the closure of the selection process. We believe it is therefore important to support the leader’s fast onboarding and long-term success in the organization.