Direct search - headhunting

Our company considers headhunting a methodology, which, in addition to being a tool of executive search or identifying and addressing specialists or expert, also holds many other HR-related opportunities. The advantage of using this method is that the client receives targeted information with future relevance as a result of this research.

By applying the tools and methodology of headhunting, large quantities of useful data can be recovered in direct searches. It is a great tool to conduct deeper research on the human resources model and specific features of a certain industry, industry segment or our competitors. It can help us in strategy development and can be a basis of organizational and/or job restructuring, can be aimed at specialty expansion pool-building or, before recruitment, it can assist in defining and detailing the profile of a job to be fulfilled or newly created.

It is also highly useful when a specific position needs to be filled. With your offers you can address special candidates who are not searching actively for jobs and are therefore unreachable by classical recruitment tools (such as advertising or database searches). Since these candidates are currently working in a specific industry or field, and have certain roles and responsibilities, they know the market well, have the requested competencies and a similar background and job experience, which promotes their adaptation and results in a higher degree of long-term success.

After exploring the needs of our clients, we make suggestions and define the required information, the workflow, and the agenda together. If you are interested or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.