No efficient recruitment without appropriately aimed sourcing!

No efficient recruitment without appropriately aimed sourcing!

  • June 13, 2023
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„Being a Sourcer is a very cool thing!”

To come up with a simple analogy, I would say recruitment without sourcing, would look like a band without a drummer and a bass guitarist, because that's the base of everything! Someone playing solo in the corner will be music as well, but without rhythm and foundation, the sound will just never be complete.

Evaluating the complexity levels of an RPO, we can consider Sourcing Hub Support the base, which is an efficient and trusted solution for laying the foundations for recruitment. Here, we are contacting and able to reach candidates with the first brand message. This is like an outpost that the candidates face first, and probably last if the messages with appropriate quality are not set. However, if we join the process with well-trained sourcers, we already have a half-win, for the reason that the candidates will respond and we can not only pre-screen them, but also aim at the right value proposition.

I brought a very plain example from the field of IT development. If our client is looking for a software developer for Frontend technologies, we cannot contact backend developers (typical case of JavaScript and JAVA – „Java” stands in both, but it is totally different...). In this case, we place the message in the worst possible spot, and we also give an adverse image of ourselves and our company. Because not only we are not familiar with the field, and we do not care what the previously contacted candidate does. We just wanted to leave the job behind, sent out 50 InMail daily and we’re done.

What kind of answer should we expect here? Mostly nothing! We get our development engineer to move even further away and start building a wall. This is even more exciting in an area, where sourcers do not really have the opportunity to send out so many messages because there are very few candidates anyway or the market is closed. We often encounter „colleagues” in our interview processes who yesterday were shop assistants, language teachers and instantly they have become IT recruiters, just because of their LinkedIn title. This does not make anyone a sourcer, it just made the already diluted profession even more diluted.

Within MPS, we are too careful to ensure that no outsourced sourcer can be a colleague without completed onboarding training and has not proven his or her skills on an internal project. There may be exceptions among the seniors, but the training is homogeneous, and everyone must adopt the MPS approach:
Being the best in the domestic market!

Let’s think about how embarrassing it would be to sell a service in business, representing ourselves as a specialist in a field, and even the assistants know more about the field than the partner.

Being a sourcer rocks, it is a very cool thing!

Not everyone has the same career path, therefore being a recruiter is not always the path one would take. Some prefer to climb the sourcing career ladder, and that’s fine! The leader of the MPS sourcing team, manages and motivates the team on a daily basis, with 20 years of experience behind her. I think you can see now, why there is no situation that we have not yet encountered.

Nowadays it is a great challenge for everyone to find, locate and attract the „perfect match” candidates.

The dogma of putting up an advertisement no longer works (even if some of the fad has come back), and we must think about sourcing as a separate science like everything else, with a separate team and strategy. Sourcing support was the most popular among our clients last year, alongside the complex RPO option, out of the MPS services.

Why should we opt for the Sourcing Hub Support service?


The MPS Sourcing team has outstanding knowledge and experience in complex, also in specific recruitment processes. Sourcing is not just a buzzword for us, since we often invite our colleagues to reactivate exhausted recruiting channels in the process, where it is not enough to evaluate former processes and communication, but a whole new foundation has to be built. Our trained sourcers help you to identify all the skills and competencies required for the positions. They take part in the market insight research and presentations prior to the searches. And then they can create the tailored recruitment strategy based on intake calls and different hints and insights.


If you go for recruitment outsourcing, pay attention to the employer branding experience of the chosen company in particular. Since our contacting can reach hundreds of relevant candidates monthly, brand awareness and communication should be a priority at every point. Why?

From the point of view of the candidate experience, as mentioned above, it is not all the same what the candidate or the Hiring Manager experiences. At every stage, the stakeholder needs to know exactly what is going to happen, which can be turned into a huge competitive advantage. It increases engagement, together with building the company brand. It's not certain that every approached candidate has to enter the selection process right away. Most importantly we have to build a pipeline that we can rely on any time, meaning our network is built organically.

Gradually, the attractiveness of our brand is being built into a competitive advantage through engagement, not to mention the cultural and team building aspects.


Throughout the 23 years of operation, our team has built up an almost inexhaustible network of candidates, consisting of recognized experts from several different industries. Candidates in the MPS database undergo a thorough pre-screening process, based on that we make an assessment to be able to recommend candidates with the best possible fit.


With the help of Recruitment Sourcing Hub Support, you can effectively target the relevant candidates through developed and targeted recruitment strategies. Saving you time, effort, and expenses in the recruitment process.


We recognized that every customer has different needs, thus we provide flexible solutions, that can be customized to your business environment and specific goals. Either it is a temporary, short, project-based support, or a long-term partnership. We can assist you to make the best choice, with a continuously trained, large, and diverse team.


The aim of the Recruitment Sourcing Hub Support is to deliver effective results, while keeping clients informed about the recruitment process. The complexity of reports can change depending on the size of a project, the number of sourcers involved and the number of positions. Our colleagues closely cooperate with their assigned in-house partner, either on-site or near on-site attendance.

According to the feedback of our partners, the success of the MPS Sourcing Hub service lies in that we can screen and recommend the best candidates as soon as possible, besides getting to know and understand the positions quickly through close cooperation throughout the entire process.

If we raised your attention in our service and would like to find out more about the product, please feel free to contact our colleagues directly or by booking an appointment.

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